The advantages of Carina Ulixis


Carina ulixis allows you to offer yourself a catamaran for the time of your dreams, relieving you of any long-term commitment and allowing you to plan, without surprise, your travel project.

 Here are some concrete examples that will make you the captain of your boat without the material constraints inherent in the purchase.

no commitment beyond the contract

no brockerage fees, neither purchase nor sale

no loss of value of the boat between the start and the end of your adventure

a permanent and personalized link with the base

assistance throughout your trip

a reliable ship ready to take you to the end of your dreams

budget control without bad surprises

a peaceful end to the trip, without the worry of reselling the boat

no major maintenance costs to be expected (sails, antifouling ...)

no place in the port or insurance to pay on the return

a network of professionals available on your way

no commitment on capital tied up in the boat

no annual navigation fee to pay

no expertise to perform

possibility of personalized delivery